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Electrotechnics Training Equipment

    1. AC Servo Motor Training Device The DLCG-YL120 AC servo motor training system was designed for AC servo entry, a commonly used system in electrical tools and instruments. Using this machine, you will learn basic functions of motor installation and maintenance, along with other basic operation skills.
    1. DC Electric Motor Training System Our DC electric motor training system is educational equipment that is work process oriented. The DC motor control is the carrier and the system also features an AC servo introduction. The training system is suitable for understanding how these motors work and they are commonly used in tools and instruments used everywhere.
    1. Electric Machine Training System The DLWD-DJ05 Electric Machine Training System consists of a station with 10 different training components. It features a motor, torque sensor, torque controller, magnetic powder brake, tension controller, and other meter units. Various motor control loops can be performed.
    1. Electrical Induction Machine Training System TheDLWD-DJ22-M electrical induction machine training system includes a DC motor, AC motor, single-phase transformer, three-phase transformer and a control circuit. The device allows users to learn and improve upon skills including the measurement of voltage, current, torque, speed, mechanical power, and more.
    1. Electrical Installation Training System The DLWD-ETBEZMXT modular electrical installation training system was developed for educational programs and practice for electrical installations. The circuit features 4mm safety terminals and the system provides training for the handling of a two part intercom system and lighting system.
    1. Synchronous Motor Training System DLWD-DJSX-T synchronous motor training system is composed of three-phase synchronous motor or alternator, torque sensor, torque limiter, magnetic particle brake, tension controller, as well as all kinds of meters and electronic components.
    1. Electrotechnics Training Set It integrates the advantages of advanced domestic and foreign vocational training teaching equipment and meets the requirements of vocational education and hands-on training. Our DLWD-ETBE series of electrotechnics training set has obtained ten national patents.
    1. Electrical Technology Training set It is reasonable in structure and beautiful in appearance. Made of high-quality industrial profiles, it is solid and durable. Its surface is coated with powder imported from Netherlands. The combination of blue and silver meets the requirement of current technology mainstream.
    1. Electrical Safety Training Set A total of 68 experiments can be conducted on this electrical safety training set, such as resistance of the human body, harm of DC current on human body, operation and running of electrical equipment, protection against electric shock, and so on.
    1. Electrical Installation Training Set The electrical equipment troubleshooting module adopts field failures in real life. Students can grasp the specific application of different electrical devices in the professional field through the troubleshooting of electrical devices and lines.
    1. Motor and Electrical Technology Comprehensive Training Device This device is one of Dolang’s pieces of comprehensive training equipment that utilizes different hanging boards according to the end user’s various training requirements. The device is applicable across a wide range of training lessons.
    1. Residential and Building Intelligent Control Training System The Dolang residential intelligent control training system utilizes a full-digital distributed control system with automatic and centralized operation management to control all types of lighting, air conditioners, curtains, and other electrical equipment that relies on energy monitoring.
    1. Low and Middle Voltage Simulation Training System The low and middle voltage simulation training system consists of a major control power supply, modular power supply, device adapter module, electrical instrumentation module, and a ground protection module.

To improve students' practical ability and to meet the requirements of vocational education and hands-on training, we have introduced the Dual System education model from Germany and produced the electrotechnics training equipment under the guidance of German experts.

Our product is manufactured in strict compliance with the German teaching equipment standards and it combines the advantages of advanced domestic and foreign vocational training devices.

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