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1. What kind of pre-sale services do you provide?
A: We provide detailed technical solutions, pictures, and videos. Samples can be offered, but it is chargeable. And the freight is also assumed by the customers. In addition, we will reply to any questions about product technology or business. If some project requires a large number of products, we can provide design scheme freely.

2. How is the service you offer during sales?
A: We provide production schedule and production process photos. The delivery cycle is 40 to 50 working days and the wearing parts are provided along with the product. Additionally, customers can come to visit our factory. We will entertain customers with free shuttles, delicious food, and exquisite gifts.

3. What about the after-sales service?
A: We provide training services. A one-year warranty period is provided. During this period, wearing parts are offered free of charge, except for product damage caused by human factors.

4. Are there any other special services?
A: We can design and produce products as per customer needs. Generally, when the customized products worth a certain amount, about 40,000 to 50,000 dollars, or they are large in quantity, our company will make design based on customer needs.

5. Do you provide OEM service?
A: Yes.

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