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Electrotechnics Training Equipment

The computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) training system of Dolang is modular and flexible solution. This system adopts the computer integrated manufacturing principles and techniques for student educating and training.

Our CIM system uses modular structure which means that each workstation is independent. They can work independently as well as unitedly. During the teaching process, the studying can be from easy to complex step by step.

The following are three different type of CIM training systems: DLIM-201, DLIM-12MS, DLIM-FL824.

    1. Bottled Water Production Training System The DLIM-201 bottled water production training system integrates the functions of teaching, training, demonstration and real production together. This CIM system consists of filling and process control device, stacking training device, high-rise storage device.
    1. Intelligent Manufacturing Training SystemThe DLIM-512MS intelligent manufacturing training system adopts classic mode of discrete manufacturing-intelligent manufacturing unit in mechanical cutting field. It combines the systems such as high level CNC lathe and industrial robot, intelligent sensing and control equipment, intelligent testing and assembling equipment, ...
    1. Flashlight Automated Manufacturing Training SystemThe flashlight automated manufacturing training system combines teaching, training, demonstration, real production together. This CIM system shows combining and application of various basic techniques in modern industrial control via simulating the industrial production, assembly and packing process of flashlight.