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Main Products of the Company
Our company provides various teaching training equipment, mainly focusing on electrical automation, industrial automation, and mechatronics. There are a total of 17 series, which are maintenance electrician skill training and evaluation series, innovative electronic skills and technology training series, printed circuit board production system training series, microcontroller training series, CNC machine tool training and assessment series, building automation training series, PLC training series, innovative industrial automation control technology training series, pneumatic training series, hydraulic training series, sensor training series, motor training series, mechatronics training series, modular flexible manufacturing system training series, flexible manufacturing system training series, mechanical training series, as well as automotive training series.

Product Application
Our products are mainly applied in the universities, vocational schools, training schools, and scientific research institutions.

Product Advantages
a. Produced in accordance with the German DIN standard
b. Focus on the process and quality
c. Perfect training scheme
d. High-quality services

Quality Control
Our products are manufactured in full compliance with the ISO9000 quality management system. The whole process from customer ordering to the qualified finished product warehousing is as follows.

Customer orders – contract review – purchase components – QC department inspects the purchased components – start production – self-checking in the production center during production – spot check by QC department during production – self-inspection in the production center after the production ends – QC department tests the product under simulated working conditions – qualified product is sent to the warehouse