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Wind Power Generator Training System

Model: DLXNY-FL01

I. Product Description
The DLXNY-FL01 type wind power generator training system is mainly composed of  wind power equipment, a wind power system, the inverter and the load system, and monitoring system. It features a modular structure, and each device and system has independent functions, allowing each component to be combined to form a wind power generator training system.

II. Features of the Wind Power Generator Training System
1. The system uses a vertical structure, the panel uses a standard patch board, the experiment module is fully exposed, all allowing students to quickly master learning roles, and the completely closed loop control allows users an easier operation.
2. The wind complementary training system uses an ARM control system and a high-performance control type can fully and intelligently control the battery charging & discharge and draught fan brake.
3. Off-grid inverter module boot the front end of an 8-bit MCU driving control, front and rear axles output imported MOS FET for a more stable performance. We can provide a stable learning process 220V pure sine wave AC power.
4. Easy to use wind power generation training system that allows students to disassemble and assemble and move with no noise and no pollution

III. Parameters of the Wind Power Generator Training System
Dimension:Wind power unit 1578×1950×1540mm
Training cabinet 3200×650×2000mm

Training Content
1) Off-grid wind and solar power system planning
2) Select, install and connection of the wind generator according to the power requirements
3) Battery capacity matching calculation and selection
4) Battery charge and discharge parameters and protection parameter settings
5) Inverter parameters setting
6) Monitoring system configuration and operation
7) Wind power system debugging
8) Power quality monitoring, debugging and analysis

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