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Renewable Energy Training System

    1. Solar Power Teaching Experiment Platform The Dolang solar photovoltaic teaching experimental platform is delivered with solar cell modules, battery modules, a solar tracking system, environmental monitoring systems, solar testing systems, solar power systems, solar inverter, monitoring instrumentation module, PC machine monitoring modules, and several other components.
    1. Portable Solar Power Generation Training Box The DLXNY-ST03 portable solar power generation training box is made up of a case that contains a photovoltaic power supply device, solar power supply system, an inverter, and load system components. It features a modular structure and outstanding independent functionality. It integrates directly into solar power generation training programs.
    1. Photovoltaic Power Generation Training SystemThe DLXNY-GF05-ⅡPhotovoltaic power generation training system is multiple pieces of equipment that include a photovoltaic power supply device, photovoltaic power supply system, inverter, and load system components. The solar power generation system features a modular structure and each system operates independently from the others.
    1. Comprehensive Training System of Solar Photovoltaic Power GenerationThe DLXNY-GF07 comprehensive training system of solar photovoltaic power generation was developed with a modular design for simplicity. Photovoltaic power generation is easier to understand when the components can be examined individually, resulting in more effective training.
    1. Wind Power Generation Training System Wide application experiments: The experimental system offers a variety of application workloads, such as lighting, street lighting, DC fans, AC fans, and a smartphone charger.
    1. Wind-Solar Power Generation Training System The DLXNY-WP01 type wind-photovoltaic complementary training system is made up of the photovoltaic power supply device, photovoltaic power supply system, wind power unit, wind power supply system, inverter and load system, and monitoring system.
    1. Wind Power Generator Training System The system uses a vertical structure, the panel uses a standard patch board, the experiment module is fully exposed, all allowing students to quickly master learning roles, and the completely closed loop control allows users an easier operation.
    1. Solar Power Generator Training System This system uses a three-dimensional structure and standard patchboard. The experiment modular is fully exposed, allowing students to complete training quickly, and the closed mode control mode makes operation more efficient.