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DLMPS-500C Modular Flexible Manufacturing System Trainer

The DLMPS-500C modular flexible manufacturing system trainer contains five work units, which are distribution station, detection station, processing station, handling station, and classified storage station.
The five stations are all mounted on the industrial profile table. The detection mechanism, control mechanism, and actuating mechanism are independent.

Components of this training equipment include:
Switching power supply, buttons, cylinder, swing-cylinder solenoid valve, vacuum generator, DC gear motor, various commonly used industrial sensors, a variety of commonly used detection switches, I/O adapter plate, communication interface board, etc.

Practical training content:
Detection switch application
Multi-sensor application
Pneumatic component application
PLC application
Automatic storing management application
Two dimensional targeted grasping application
Pneumatic circuit connection and electrical wiring
Mechanical and pneumatic parts assembly and disassembly
System failure diagnosis and maintenance
Material and color inspection technique
Mechanical transmission technique
Electronic circuit inspection technique
Configuration technology application
Simulation technology application

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Electronic Manufacturing System | Manufacturing Management System | Robotic Manufacturing Equipment

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