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DLDS-500A Modular Flexible Manufacturing System Trainer

Model: DLDS-500A

Identical with the equipment used in the mechatronic project in the Olympic World Skills Competition

The DLDS-500A modular flexible manufacturing system trainer can be used for the trainings on mechanical assembly and commissioning, electrical installation and commissioning, as well as mechanical and electrical joint commissioning by module. Students can do independent programming exercises for each module and they can also do programming exercises for gradually extended combination module. We provide mechanical assembly diagram, electrical wiring schematic diagram, programming process step diagram, programming process, and sensor label table.

Our product can also be used for the development of modern product production process.

DLDS-500A modular flexible manufacturing system trainer can accomplish the grasping, stamping, assembly, dual-axis manipulator conveying, sorting and storing of three kinds of material blocks. This flexible manufacturing system can be used for training of students on the abilities of various techniques in professional fields. The techniques are machinery assembly, pneumatic component assembly, electrical apparatus element installation, circuit connection, electrical cylinder position adjusting, technical parameter setting of stepping motor, PLC programming technique, sensor technique and electronic technique.

Practical training system:
The system consists of grasping station, stamping station, assembling station, dual-axis manipulator station, stacking station, substrate, logical simulation box, PLC control box (optional types of programmable controller), operation panel, touch screen installation box, control box, I/O pinboard.

Main technical parameters:
1. Electric control cabinet main circuit power supply: single phase AC220V±10% 50Hz;
2. Electric control cabinet control circuit power supply: DC24V;
3. Temperature: -10℃~40℃; environment humidity: ≤90% (25℃);
4. Single station outline dimension: L×W×H=500mm×790mm×1200mm;
5. Bleed pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa;
6. Complete machine capacity: ≤5KVA.

Practical training content:
Detection switch application
Multi-sensor application
Pneumatic component application
PLC application
Automatic storing management application
Two dimensional targeted grasping application
Pneumatic circuit connection and electrical wiring
Mechanical and pneumatic parts assembly and disassembly
System failure diagnosis and maintenance
Touch screen technique application
Data point to point sending and receiving
Cross station data transmission
Configuration software application

Related Names
Manufacturing System Integration | Manufacturing Automation Technology | Factory Experimental Machine | MPS

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