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Palletizing Robot Training System

Model: DLRB-460

Overview of the palletizing robot training system
The DLRB-460 robot training system is a specialized palletizing robot.
The DLRB-460 robotic system features a super-speed 4-axis operating mechanism, 2.4m reach distance, and can handle110kg payloads. It is the ideal tool for palletizing a variety of materials.
Robots can also configure remote control functions, and the industrial robot professionals may maintain the robot through the network with ease and maximum control.

Technical parameters of the palletizing robot training system
Model number: DLRB-460 (other brands are available)
Wrist overweight: 110 kg
Axes Count: 4-axis
Max wingspan radius: 2.4m
Protection grade: IP54
Installation: touch down
Positional repeatability: 0.05 mm
Power supply: three-phase 400V (+10%,-15%), 50Hz/60Hz, 13KVA)
Maximum power: 3.67KVA

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