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Industrial Robot Training System (RB series)

    1. Four Joints Robot Training System The robot training system consists of a distribution module, transmission module, robot modules, sorting module and control module.
    1. Industrial Robot Basic Training System The industrial robot basic training system is made up of a six axis industrial robot, training workbench, trajectory tracing module, stacking module, handling module, chucker clamp, gripping clamp, drawing pen holder, and so on.
    1. Palletizing Robot Training System The DLRB-460 robotic system features a super-speed 4-axis operating mechanism, 2.4m reach distance, and can handle110kg payloads. It is the ideal tool for palletizing a variety of materials.
    1. Welding Robot Training System The DLRB-1410 welding robot training system features a superspeed 6-axis operating mechanism, 1.44m reach distance, and can handle 5kg payloads. This welding equipment is the ideal tool for soldering a variety of materials.
    1. Industrial Robot Loading and Unloading Training System The industrial robot loading and unloading training system will grab the workpiece being processed and place it on the machine. After processing, the robot will take the workpieces to the visual system for inspection. Here the workpieces are qualified for transfer to the following steps.
    1. Industrial Robot Typical Workstation Training System A typical industrial robot workstation equipment consists of a six-axis industrial robot, training platform, assembly tasks model, glue task model, tire palletizing model, testing arrangement model, material storage tank, double sucker fixture, glue guns clamps, parallel fixture, jaw fixtures, console, assembly tables and consumable kits.
    1. Modular Flexible Production System The DLMPS-900 is a flexible manufacturing system composed of a distribution station, testing station, processing station, handling station, buffering station, robot station, pressurizing station, ASRS station, and sorting station.
    1. DLRB-501 Flexible Manufacturing System The DLRB-501 flexible manufacturing system is divided into five working units (workstations): console unit, robot handling unit, CNC milling machine unit, raw material finished product storage unit, testing unit.
    1. DLRB-801 Flexible Manufacturing System The DLRB-801 flexible manufacturing system is divided into eight working units (workstations): CNC lathe unit, CNC milling unit, robot unit, material storage unit, manipulator assembly unit, visual inspection unit, RFID radio frequency detection unit, and a circular conveyor unit.
    1. Industrial Robot Packaging Handling System for Candy System module: The industrial robot packaging handling system for candy includes five working units (workstations): handling/palletizing station, loading station, sorting station, packing stations, U-type transmission stations.