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Industrial Robot Loading and Unloading Training System

Model: DLRB-1410B

The industrial robot loading and unloading training system will grab the workpiece being processed and place it on the machine. After processing, the robot will take the workpieces to the visual system for inspection. Here the workpieces are qualified for transfer to the following steps.

Technical parameter of the robot loading and unloading training system
Model number: DLRB-1410B (other brands available)
Wrist overweight: 5 kg
Axes: 6-axis
Max wingspan radius: 1.44m
Protection grade: IP54
Installation Way: ground installation
Positional repeatability: 0.05 mm
Power supply: three-phase 400V(+10%,-15%),50Hz/60Hz
Rated power: 4.5KVA

Training content
1. Basic Principles and Constitution of Industrial Robots
2. Cognition of Industrial Robot Ontology
3. Industrial robot electrical part cognition
4. Industrial Robot Controller Cognition
5. Learning and training of Six axis Robot Joint Motion Control
6. Learning and training of Linear Motion Trajectory Control of Six-axis industrial robot
7. Learning and training of circular motion trajectory of Six-axis industrial robot
8. Learning and Training Acceleration / Deceleration Constraint Control of Six-axis industrial robot
9. Robot control basic operation training
10. Robot coordinate system (tool coordinates, user coordinates) application operation training
11. Robot operation and teaching programming training
12. Robot Typical Application - Application of Machine Tool Loading and Unloading
13. Machine tool principle, structure learning
14. Classification and Function of CNC Machine Tool
15. Learning of numerical control system
16. Application Technology of CNC Machine Tool
17. CNC machine tool operation and programming

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