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PLC Training Kit

    1. PLC Trainer The PLC host can be replaced as per customers' needs and the commonly used hosts are from Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, and ABB. Produced in accordance with the German standards, the DLPLC-FXGD PLC trainer adopts a modular structure and it has strong expansion.
    1. Portable PLC Training Kit These vivid figures approximate the situation in the practical application in the industrial site. Through practicing on this device, the students will soon be able to adapt to the on-site work. The system uses modern information technology of computer simulation.
    1. Elevator Trainer It can collect various signals on site, such as internal calling signal, external calling signal, floor limit signal, and elevator door limit signal, to realize logic control of the elevator. Our elevator trainer can perform two sets of control, which are car lifting and elevator door opening and closing.
    1. Conveyor Belt Drive Training Set Through sensor signal collection and PLC programming, it controls the DC gear motor to realize automatic feeding control. The belt transmission training equipment consists of the driving device, detection device, and carrying device.
    1. Temperature and Pressure Measurement Trainer It is a typical first-order control system. Due to its simple structure, strong operability, and no potential control risk, it has become the most typical training equipment for engineering control beginners.
    1. Crossing Traffic Light Training Model The system is composed of training platform, analog physical building, vehicle model, road model and traffic lights. The device can simulate the work state of the real traffic lights.
    1. Liquid Mix Training Set, DLPLC-YTHH1 The liquid mix training device set PLC, water level sensor, solenoid valve combination in one of the training system, through the sensor signal acquisition...
    1. Liquid Mix Training Set, DLPLC-YTHH2 Both liquids are transferred to mixing device as required; The stirring motor driven stirring impeller rotate to mix the liquid. There is a solenoid valve on the below end of the mixing device which control mixed liquid flow to storage device.
    1. Small Car Motion Training Equipment This system integrated sensor, ball screw, belt, proximity switches, limit switches. Complete more complex switch quantity control, position control, time sequence logical control and position control of DC motor.

Our PLC training kit is a comprehensive teaching and training system which integrates PLC principle and application technology as well as principle and application technology of frequency converter. It adopts an open modular structure.

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