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Mechanical Training System

    1. Mechanical Comprehensive Training System These training sets use a desktop structure, and industrial grade components. The training device can complete training for the belt drive, chain drive, gear drive, lubrication, shaft concentricity adjustment, bearings, ball screws, gaskets and seals, clutches and brakes.
    1. Mechanism Motion Innovation Design Bench It also uses an aluminum alloy structure, composed of AC geared motors (with the governor), stand, motor, belts, pulleys, gears, cams, sheaves, driving plate, lever, and components kits, a variety of high / low side, rotary deputy, as well as vice-move other components.
    1. Innovative Training System for Gear Train The innovative training system uses steel structure, and can complete a variety of fixed-axis gear training, epicyclical gear training, compound gear train assembly and free combination training programs to deepen the comprehensive design capability and practical ability involving students and vehicle wheels.
    1. Portable Combined Shaft Training Device The components can be easily combined into dozens of shaft structure programs. They feature diverse content, and 4-6 people can share one experimental box.
    1. Mechanical Innovation Platform The mechanical innovation platform consists of a sprocket, spur gear, triple sliding gear, straight bevel gears, worm and gears, spline shaft, assembly and disassembly tools, measuring tools and other commonly used components.

Our mechanical training system helps to train students on reading and drawing assembly drawing and part drawing, assembling and adjusting parts, testing assembly quality, and other skills. It also helps to improve students' employability, such as mechanical and electrical equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair, mechanical processing quality analysis and control, primary production management, and so on.

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