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Training Platform for Prius Hybrid System

Model: DLQC-C002

Introduction of the Training Platform for Prius Hybrid System
The training platform consists of Prius hybrid systems and the integration of theory and practice teaching software. Using the integrating theory and practice teaching software, combined with a training bench, instructors can introduce the hybrid system structure, working principle and maintenance methods to students, so that they get both practical and theoretical training on a hybrid system.

Features of the Training Platform for Prius Hybrid System
The teaching software hybrid system schematics are consistent with the training circuit diagram. By including the multi-meter and other testing tools in the software interface, users can measure the corresponding components and their terminal voltage, current and other parameters.
The fault can be set directly on the teacher’s computer software circuit diagram.
Three-dimension animation can demonstrate a planetary gear mechanism, connections between the MG1 motor, MG2 motor and engine, as well as conduct various delivery route demonstrations.
Three-dimensional animation can also demonstrate the rotor process at high and low speeds, as well as high and low torque current in the hybrid system motors and generators in different states. The animation can also be connected to a diagram showing the rotor and vitality of current change maps, diagrams and other changes in the rectifier circuit when the rotor rotates.
The system can also demonstrate explanations of the Atkinson and Alto cycle work comparison charts.

Technical Features of the Training Platform for Prius Hybrid System
Training platform using the original Toyota Prius hybrid system.
Circuit schematic and 4mm measuring terminals of Prius hybrid system on the measurement panel.
Operation console used to start and stop engine and a throttle pedal for speed adjustment.
Failure setting system.
Using high-quality steel welding, bottom mounted four mobile casters, the system can be moved and locked.
20L fuel tank, HV battery voltage: 200V - 280V. Battery voltage is 12V

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