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Building Automation Training System

    1. Transparent Four Floor Elevator Trainer It employees the most common lift elevator structure and it has almost all features of the actual elevator. Actually, it can be viewed as a miniaturized elevator.
    1. Two Sets Group Control Elevator Trainer Each elevator is controlled by one PLC and elevator call outside the car is managed in a unified manner. This approximates building elevator control in real life.
    1. Three Sets Group Control Elevator Trainer It has almost all of the features of the actual elevator. In fact, it can be seen as a miniaturized elevator. Each action during the running of the elevator is clear at a glance.
    1. Training Set for Security Alarm and Monitoring System The security alarm and monitoring system training device is a comprehensive training device. The device features advanced technology to utilize video cameras and hard disks to capture and maintain video data that can be viewed at any time.
    1. Training Device for Security Alarm System The DLLY-FB1 security alarm system training device is a comprehensive training device that features the latest detection technology and linkage equipment. When activated, it quickly sounds an alarm alerting you and sending a notice to the police.
    1. Training Set for Interphone and Access Control System DLLY-DM1 interphone and access control system training set uses computer technology, network technology, integrated wiring technology, organic unifies the interphone, access control in together, on the basis of unified layout, put the functional modules division.
    1. Training Equipment for Fire Alarm Linkage System The system can carry out various simulation fire and alarm linkage demonstration, the setting of the system, linkage programming, line design, networking, routes and set the judgment and exclusion of the fault training, etc.
    1. Integrated Cabling Training Set DLLY-ZBX1 integrated cabling training set is suitable for construction electrical, intelligent building professional related training.

Our building automation training system is well designed according to the practice content of current intelligent building automation major. Integrating current building automation technology, it can help fully realize building automation control.

With reasonable structure, our product is stable and reliable. It can provide more favorable conditions for practice.

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