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Printed Circuit Board Production System

    1. PCB Engraver The DLPCB-DM300B engraver is suitable for rapid production of circuit boards in small quantities in the laboratory. It is capable of drilling, milling, producing blind holes and blind slots, as well as carrying out other machining operations.
    1. PCB Engraving Machine The DLPCB-DM300 engraving machine is applicable to the fast production of circuit boards in small quantities in the laboratory.
    1. PCB Metallization Equipment The DLPCB-TP300 metallization equipment is used for carbon membrane hole metallization in the production of PCB. It realizes reliable interlayer conduction of PCB through the simplest and most reliable steps of degreasing, washing, black hole plating, drying, copper plating, and others.
    1. PCB Double-sided Exposure Machine It is suitable for use in the photochemical transfer process of producing various PCB, nameplates, and hollow components. The DLPCB-UV300 double-sided exposure machine is applicable to the exposure of single or double-sided circuit boards which have been coated with photosensitive films.

Our printed circuit board production system can be used for principle explanation and demonstration as well as operation training. Designers can produce circuit boards as per their needs in their laboratory quickly. After turning the design in the designer's brain or the computer into a real object, the designer can test and verify whether the material selection, topology routes, parameter selection, and structural design are reasonable. He or she can then assess the manufacturability, testability, compatibility, and marketability.

Low-volume, multi-species, high-precision production can be conducted by using our printed circuit board production system. Entrepreneurs can also use this equipment to provide circuit board processing services.

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