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Electronics Training System

    1. PCB Design Training Device 1. The DLDZ-ETTE24D PCB design training device is double-sided 4-station, enabling four students to operate at the same time;
      2. The power box provides 8 channels of 220V AC output;
      3. Dimensions: 1400mm×1300mm ×1675mm;
      4. Overall structure of aluminum frame;
    1. Digital/Analogue Circuit Training System Our DLDZ-165E digital and analogue circuits training system is composed of the manipulation platform, display screen, power box, zone for placing drawings, digital and analog electronic experimental zone, and oscilloscope placement area.
    1. Electronics Installation Training Device The DLDZ-ZJG03 electronics installation training device is divided into three areas, which are testing and maintenance area, installation and welding area, as well as PCB production area. In each area, there is a mesh plate installed above.
    1. Portable Digital Circuit Trainer The portable digital circuit trainer is a basic teaching instrument for Digital Circuit, Pulse Circuit, and other related courses. It is also one of the basic tools for research and development.
    1. Portable Analogue Circuit Trainer Common base amplifier circuit
      Complementary symmetry power amplifier
      Testing basic parameters of the integrated operational amplifier
      Integrated addition operation circuit

Our electronics training system can meet the experimental requirements of digital circuits and analog circuits.

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