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Flexible Manufacturing System Trainer

    1. DLFMS-8000 Flexible Manufacturing System Trainer This training equipment can complete the whole process from workpiece processing, detection, heating, cooling, sorting, to warehousing, truly reproducing the actual industrial manufacturing process.
    1. DLFMS-1601 Flexible Manufacturing System Trainer The DLFMS-1601 flexible manufacturing system trainer is divided into 16 work units or stations, which are control platform, feeding unit, detection unit, manipulator unit 1, processing unit, image detecting unit, extraction unit...

The flexible manufacturing system integrates microelectronics, computer information technology, control technology, mechanical manufacturing, and system engineering. It is a complicated, highly automated system. Flexible manufacturing technology is currently the primary means to meet the dynamic market demand in the machinery manufacturing industry. It is the basis of advanced manufacturing technology.

Our company provides two types of flexible manufacturing system trainer. Students can complete a lot of experiments on these devices and have relevant abilities improved.

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