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Mechatronic Training System

    1. Automatic Storage and Retrieval System Training Set The DLFA-ASRSB02 automatic storage and retrieval system training set is composed of the control mechanism, cargo lifting and storing mechanism, 12 warehouses, cargo transferring mechanism, and other components.
    1. Factory Automatic Production Trainer Machining simulation system
      DC motor and belt transmission
      Controller optional, such as PLC or PC-based controller
      Safe and durable short-circuit protection device
    1. Automatic Part Marking Trainer This training equipment is composed of the aluminum alloy platform, feeding mechanism, manipulator, material conveying mechanism, material sorting mechanism, and other components.
    1. Opto-Mechatronics Training System On the aluminum alloy platform, multiple components can be installed, such as manipulator, feeding mechanism, material conveying mechanism, material sorting mechanism, etc.
    1. Position Control Trainer This position control training system can achieve running plane position control, and achieve precision instruments in the movement control by high performance servo motor.
    1. Stereoscopic Parking Equipment Training Set This system is a miniature replication of an of actual three dimensional parking system with three-layer, ten storages. The top has four spaces, and each parking space is equipped with lift motors to control the car plate movements.
    1. Material Sorting Training Equipment This material sorting training system is composed of the sheet metal training platform, pneumatic parts, material transport mechanism, material sorting mechanism and electrical control.
    1. Optical Sensor Mechatronics Training Set The optical sensor mechatronics training set is a training assessment device that simulates industrial site workflow environments for different types of workpiece processing and testing, handling and automatic assembly, and stamping and classification storage.
    1. Three Axis Motion Control System The DLFA-MCT3 three-axis motion control system simulates engraving machines and marking process environments, reflecting accurate positioning performances of a stepper motor.
    1. Electro Robotic Arm The electro robotic arm is composed of a manipulator body and control box.

The FA (factory automation) series of mechatronic training system is produced on the basis of the goods supply, detection, maintenance, and sorting in the factory. Through this equipment, students will receive trainings on design, assembly, programming, maintenance, and other skills.

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