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Automatic Storage and Retrieval System Training Set


The DLFA-ASRSB02 automatic storage and retrieval system training set is composed of the control mechanism, cargo lifting and storing mechanism, 12 warehouses, cargo transferring mechanism, and other components.

Technical Parameters
1. Dimensions: 1200mm×750mm×635mm
2. Weight: 43kg
3. Height of the table bottom to the ground: 750mm
4. Power supply: AC220V
5. Working voltage: DC24V, 3A
6. Electrical logic: NPN or PNP
7. Memory board: 3 rows and 3 columns
8. Drive type: shaft drive
9. Workpiece: cylinder with pallet

Related Names
Warehouse Storage Experimental Device | Automated Goods Storage Trainer | Goods Moving Trainer | ASRS

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