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Hydraulic Training Kit

    1. Basic Hydraulic Training System The hydraulic simulation software can vividly demonstrate the flow of the hydraulic oil, working status of the spool of various hydraulic valves, working process of the fuel tank, and the working principle of the pump.
    1. Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training System This product can be used to train basic hydraulic control and advanced hydraulic control. Meanwhile, proportional and servo control can also be implemented on this equipment.
    1. Proportional Hydraulic Trainer Directional control loop
      Commutation circuit of manual reversing valve
      Commutation circuit of solenoid directional valve
      Pressure control loop
    1. Servo Hydraulic Trainer Experiment content that can be completed on this servo hydraulic trainer is described below.
      Pressure control loop
      Single-stage pressure regulator circuit
      Secondary pressure regulation
    1. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drive Integration Trainer This training system integrates hydraulic, pneumatic, PLC electrical control and hydraulic simulation technology. Students can practice hydraulic unit installation and commissioning, hydraulic system assembly and commissioning, installation and commissioning of pneumatic systems, electrical control technology, PLC application technology and hydraulic and pneumatic systems operation and maintenance.

Our hydraulic training kit is developed to meet the requirements of vocational training on fluid drive. It adopts an open-style operating panel, on which various actual industrial hydraulic components can be easily mounted. Components are connected by hydraulic hoses and the quick coupler of the hydraulic hose enables the experiment to proceed quickly and safely. The greatest feature of the training process when using our product is clean with no oil leakage.

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