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5-DOF Pneumatic Manipulator Training Set

Model: DLFA-5DPR-B

The 5-dof pneumatic manipulator training set is composed of operation parts and the manipulator control.
Manipulator working parts are composed of a five axis stepper motor, conveyor device, mechanical gear unit, position sensor, electric gripper, and signal switching device.
Manipulator control uses three control modes (PLC control, MCU control, PC control). The whole system is an open modular structure training platform, which can be combined according to different training requirements.

Technical parameters of the pneumatic manipulator training set
1. Working voltage: DC24V
2. Temperature: -10℃~40℃; environmental humidity: ≤90 % (25℃)
3. Capacity: ≤1KVA
4. Dimension: 760x580x1366 (height adjustment 10mm) mm

Optional components of the pneumatic manipulator training set
Computer, computer table PLC module
PC software Air pump

Training content
1. Set up pneumatic system and debug project.
2. Set up sensor system and debug project.
3. Set up pneumatic control circuit and write PLC programming project.
4. SCM programming project.
5. GRAF language programming project.
6. PC machine debugging project.
7. Set up electromechanical equipment and debug project.
8. Set up automatic control system and debug project.

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