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Transmission Training Workbench for Honda Fit CVT

Model: DLQC–DPBS007

Introduction of the Transmission Training Workbench
The training platform uses a Honda Fit CVT transmission assembly, and with the use of complete accessories, different automatic transmission gears can be completed. It is suitable for the automatic transmission construction and maintenance of schools and vocational technical training, as well as senior automotive training institutions and practice teaching. It can meet training projects for electronically controlled automatic transmission structures, in order to teach theory, fault diagnosis, fault set and trouble shooting and assessment.

Basic Configuration of the Transmission Training Workbench
Toyota A341 automatic transmission assembly
Electric motor
Blast pump
Gas tank
Gas control unit

Function Features of the Transmission Training Workbench
1. Automatic transmission demonstrates the working process with gas instead of liquid; it can truly show its internal structure and operation of the transmission gear state, as well as the internal structure to enhance student sensory experience
2.The training board with a vacuum gauge shows the intake vacuum pressure.
3. Complete practical teaching of gas instead of liquid work principle
4. Fault setting and assessment system (see fault setting and assessment function description)
5. Training sets that offer rotational positions are equipped with safety shields to avoid security risk
6. Mobile device with locking casters that are easy to move and facilitate for easier teaching

Training Content
1. Structures and working process training of automatic transmission
2. Neutral gear start, forward gears, reverse run training under different gears of automatic transmission
3. Circuit schematic analysis and pneumatic control schematic training of automatic transmission circuit
4. Control unit fault code reader, clear DTCs, read data stream training of automatic transmission
5. Fault diagnosis and confirmation training of automatic transmission
6. Fault setting and trouble-shooting training of automatic transmission
7. Practical training and theoretical examinations of automatic transmission

Technical Parameters of the Transmission Training Workbench
1. Transmission model: Honda Fit CVT
2. Input power; AC 380V ± 10% 50Hz
3. Power supply; DC12V
4. The three-phase asynchronous motors:
5. Type: Y132S1-2
6. Voltage: AC 380V
7. Power: 5.5KW
8. Current: 11.1A
9. The rotational speed: 2900r / min
10. Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
11. Specifications: 1600 × 850 × 1800mm (length × width × height).

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