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Training Set for Isuzu Diesel Engine

Model: DLQC-FDJ025

Introduction to the Training Set for Isuzu Diesel Engine
The training set uses a rotor pump diesel engine assembly with complete accessories. It can be used to complete various training processes for engine loads. It is suitable for practical training of car engine structure and maintenance in medium and senior vocational schools and car training institutions. It also satisfies the requirements of teaching and training projects on the electronic controlled engine structure, working principle, fault diagnosis, fault setting and exclusion assessment.

Basic Configuration of the Training Set for Isuzu Diesel Engine
Diesel engine assembly
Engine circuit plug
Combination instrument
Training panel
Diagnostic block
Tank assembly
Up and down pipe
Cooling fan assembly and bracket
Fuel pressure gauge
Vacuum gauge
Startup switch
Fuel pump assembly
Fuel filter
Air filter
Diesel glow plugs
Intake and exhaust manifolds
Oil tank
Movable bench and mobile casters
General power switch
Relay and fuse box
Instruction manual
User training guide

Features of the Training Set for Isuzu Diesel Engine
1. Demonstrate the engine work, run smoothly, accurate reflection of the electrically controlled diesel engine structure and working principle
2. Demonstrate engine oil pressure, oil pressure and normal operating pressure
3. Can simulate actual working conditions to set multiple faults
4. Rotation position of training sets is done equipped with safety shields to keep students and teachers safe.
5. Training sets are equipped with an extinguisher and short circuit self-protection device
6. With locking casters for mobile devices, it is easy to move for teaching

Training Content
1. Diesel engine structure and composition training
2. Engine component installation position training
3. Engine fuel pressure, oil pressure training
4. Engine troubleshooting and confirm training
5. Engine fault setting and exclusion training
6. Engine practical operation and theoretical exam training

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