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Pneumatic Training System

    1. Basic Pneumatic Training System Air compressor, air filter, pressure reducing valve, lubricator, manual reversing valve, solenoid directional valve, gas control valve, check valve, throttle valve, quick exhaust valve, OR gate shuttle valve, single-acting cylinder, double-acting cylinder .
    1. Electro Pneumatic Training Set Power unit - air compressor (Basic configuration minicomputers)
      Power source: AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
      Motor power: 600w

Our pneumatic training system adopts industrial-grade components. Each pneumatic component is a separate module and it is equipped with a bottom plate with elastic pins. During training, students can use these components to form a variety of pneumatic circuits on the aluminum profile frame. These components are fast and convenient to install and remove, and the pneumatic circuit they form is clear.

1. Our pneumatic training system is equipped with a silent air compressor which provides a good training environment.
2. The pneumatic components can be controlled pneumatically, electrically or manually. The pneumatic circuit can adopt pure gas control unit, independent relay control unit or PLC control unit.
3. The pneumatic circuit uses quick coupling and the electrical control circuit adopts special connecting wires with protection functions. Students can design the pneumatic application system themselves. This promotes the students to integrate theory with practice and improves their operation and thinking skills.

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