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Automotive Training Equipment

    1. Training Set for Isuzu Diesel Engine The training set uses a rotor pump diesel engine assembly with complete accessories. It can be used to complete various training processes for engine loads.
    1. Auto Ignition 6-in-1 Comprehensive Teaching Board The teaching board is equipped with a diagnostic block, which can connect to dedicated or universal car decoders for effective self-diagnosis functions like reading fault codes, clear fault codes, and reading data streams of the electronical controlled system.
    1. Training Workbench for Hydraulic Power Steering System The training platform selects a hydraulic power steering system with complete accessories,. When compared to non-power steering and power steering, it fully demonstrates the work process and steering principles, application and changes.
    1. Automobile Demonstrating Board for Passat B5 This training bench uses a Passat B5, based on the entire vehicle’s electrical physical and supporting auxiliary systems to completely demonstrate the vehicle’s electrical structure and operation.
    1. CAN-BUS Network System for Passat B5 The CAN bus networking system is designed based on Passat B5 vehicle network CAN-BUS system for the driver to holistically demonstrate the structure and operation.
    1. Training Platform for Prius Hybrid System By including the multi-meter and other testing tools in the software interface, users can measure the corresponding components and their terminal voltage, current and other parameters.

Our company provides a variety of automotive training equipment, such as car engine training device, automotive electrical system training device, automotive air conditioning training device, automotive bus system training device, car chassis training bench, auto repair equipment training device, automatic transmission experiment table, and others.

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