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Motor Trainer

    1. Stepper Motor Trainer Adopting computer simulation, this stepper motor trainer solves the problem of training theory and experiment deviating from practical application through operation, simulation and emulation.
    1. Frequency Converter Trainer Speed and direction control of motor using industrial frequency converter
      Frequency conversion setting of motor load regulator
      Multi-step speed and time configuration
      PID control function
    1. Servo Motor Trainer Position and speed control of industrial components
      Position control and speed control drive
      Free movement under the coordination of X-Y
      Stable aluminum frame

We mainly provides three models of motor trainers, which are DLDJ-BJ2, DLDJ-MMT, and DLDJ-DSPM110. The DLDJ-DSPM110 model of servo motor training equipment is composed of the transmission device and the detection device. The servo motor drives the marking pen to move through the lead screw and the PLC sends out pulse signals to control the recording pen for precise positioning control.

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