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Training Workbench for Hydraulic Power Steering System

Model: DLQC–DPZX001

Introduction of the Training Workbench for Hydraulic Power Steering System
The training platform selects a hydraulic power steering system with complete accessories,. When compared to non-power steering and power steering, it fully demonstrates the work process and steering principles, application and changes. This system is suitable for automotive steering system construction and maintenance training, and practice teaching in middle and advanced vocational and technical schools and training institutions.

Basic Configuration of the Training Workbench
Front suspension system
Steering tie rods
Steering drag link
Steering gear
Steering knuckle arm
Pitman arm
Steering shaft
Steering pump
Steering wheel
Oil pressure gauge
Turn plate with scale and mobile workbench
Training guide book

Function Features of the Training Workbench
1. The motor drive power steering pump fully demonstrates the work principle of power steering.
2. The panel is equipped with a pressure gauge to display value changes of oil pressure.
3. The dial under the wheel displays steering angle dimensions.
4. Detection and adjustment on camber and toe-in
5. Demonstrates the principle, application and change of hydraulic steering power
6. Fault setting and assessment system (see fault setting and assessment system introduced).

Training Content
1. Structure composition work principle training of hydraulic power steering system
2. Wheel alignment inspection and adjustment training
3. Installation position and installation sequence training of each part of the steering system
4. Troubleshooting and confirmation training of steering system
5. Fault phenomenon and analysis training of steering system
6. Practical and theory test identification of steering system

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