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Auto Ignition 6-in-1 Comprehensive Teaching Board

Model: DLQC-FDJ-D002

Introduction of the Comprehensive Teaching Board
The training set uses an automotive ignition physical system in order to satisfy the requirements for teaching and training projects on the car traditional ignition system, Hall electronic ignition systems, magnetic induction ignition systems, photoelectric sensor electronic ignition systems, no distributor ignition systems and no grouping independent distributor ignition system structure, working principles, fault diagnosis and fault setting.

Basic Configuration of the Comprehensive Teaching Board
Contact type ignition coil assembly
Hall-type ignition coil assembly
Magnetic induction type ignition coil assembly
Optical sensing ignition coil assembly
No distributor ignition coil assembly
High tension lines
Spark plugs
Engine control unit
Anti-theft engine control unit
Engine speed sensor
Relay and fuse box
Training panel
Ignition key
Ignition switch
Anti-theft identification coil
Mobile bench and universal casters
General power switch
Instruction manual
User guide book

Features of the Comprehensive Teaching Board
1. The teaching board can demonstrate three different types of ignition system structures and working principles
2. The teaching board can do comparisons with one or more ignition types.
3. It also has a professional fault setting area and exclusion area, so that it can set a variety of common and uncommon faults.
4. The teaching color is engraved with colorful ignition system schematics, and equipped with a detection terminal to detect the pin and various electrical component signals, such as electrical resistance, voltage, current, and frequency in order to strengthen the student’s hands-on ability.
5. The teaching board is equipped with a diagnostic block, which can connect to dedicated or universal car decoders for effective self-diagnosis functions like reading fault codes, clear fault codes, and reading data streams of the electronical controlled system.
6. The board can setup faults and assessments (please refer to the detailed fault setting and assessment system introduction)

Training Content
1. Ignition structure and composition training
2. Different ignition modes distinguish training
3. Ignition system sensor voltage, resistance, signal testing training
4. Ignition system Schematics analysis training
5. Ignition system control unit fault code reading, fault code elimination, data flow reading, Anti-theft matching adjustment, programming, terminal component testing training
6. Ignition system troubleshooting and confirm training
7. Ignition system fault setting and exclusion training
8. Ignition system practical operation and theoretical exam training

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