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DLWL-800A Modular Logistics Production Trainer

The DLWL-800A modular logistics production trainer is mainly used for automation network communication training. It can also be used for trainings on electrotechnics, electric drive, sensing technology, pneumatic technology, manipulator assembling, PLC, frequency converter, assembly and debugging of automated production lines, and others.

On this modular logistics production training equipment, students can complete cargo loading, handling, detection, classification, recognition, transport, warehousing, and management.

System Composition
1. Manipulator assembling and handling system unit
2. Electronic tagging system unit
3. Goods automatic recognition and buffer system unit
4. Stacking system unit
5. Automated warehouse system unit
6. Goods flow control unit
7. Container loading system unit
8. Visual system unit

Related Names
Manufacturing Scheduling System | Robotics Control System Trainer | PLC Controlled Equipment

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