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Opto-Mechatronics Training and Assessment Device

Model: DLDS-565A

The DLDS-565A opto-mechatronics training and assessment system can detect and recognize, transport, and sort out different workpieces. It consists of the aluminum alloy platform, manipulator, feeding mechanism, processing unit, assembly unit, material conveying mechanism, material sorting mechanism, and other components. It uses a variety of sensors to detect and recognize the workpiece. Then, the mechanical arm and transmission mechanism will move and transport the workpiece. Finally, the workpieces which have been transported to the right position will be sorted by the sorting mechanism.

This training and assessment system uses Siemens S7-200PLC as the main controller. It has RS485 interface and PPI network communication function. Based on the PPI network communication function, the follwing industrial field bus communication technology training tasks can be completed.
1. PPI network hardware connection and commissioning
2. PPI network parameter settings and debugging
3. Data reading and writing programming and debugging for complex PPI network based on multiple S7-200 PLCs.

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Material Handling Trainer | Goods Sorting Experimental Tool | Industrial Communication Tester

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